Flo Living Updates (Based on feedback I’ve received)

Alrighty, so it’s been some time since the last post. I actually received a number of responses, mostly from women like me who are curious about Alisa’s programs and wanted to know if I had discovered any news.

So here’s the update:

Of the women who have contacted me since putting up that blog post, only one of them had purchased the monthly protocol. She expressed that it was basically just Alisa’s book in video and worksheet form. For her, it was more confusing. After she read the book she felt empowered, but after working through the “Monthly Flo Program” she just felt overwhelmed. I cannot speak on the “Sexy Flo” and “Fertile Flo” programs. Perhaps since they are so much more expensive, they will be more organized and less confusing..? I would sure hope so, anyway. If I hear anything I will update.

In short, it doesn’t seem to be worth it unfortunately :/ I suggest maybe purchasing the book since that is a good source of information, despite being a bit fluffy in self-promotion. I recently purchased the app as well. I believe it is also a good tool for keeping track of the cycle phases. It makes suggestions for food, exercise, and other life things based on which phase you’re in.

I do believe that Alisa is onto some truth and does genuinely care about helping all of us women live our best lives, but I also feel that she is trying too hard to make money off of this truth. But hey, what do I know? I’ve never had a business. I’m not trying to suggest any type of treachery to her intent. All I can do is all I know how to do: Do my own research and take care of myself as best as possible – and that includes discernment in how to spend my hard-earned money.

I hope this helps anyone who is still searching for answers!


9 thoughts on “Flo Living Updates (Based on feedback I’ve received)

    1. Unfortunately, no. Most of the responses I’ve received have been women asking the same thing as you. Out of all of them only one had confirmed purchasing her protocol. Which 4 week program were you interested in?

  1. Thanks so much for the updated. I was truly wishing that the outcome would have been different. But I was also a bit put off by the very few reviews on her fb page and many of them in fact complaining about the lack of assistance when purchasing one of her consultants calls etc.

    1. Hi Arrea! Yes exactly! It’s so concerning and I just don’t understand why if she is genuinely wanting to help why she wouldn’t provide better customer service. I just had another person contact me and tell me she paid for the Flo program and did not feel it was worth the money. It was fun and a little easier to follow along, but she ultimately feels like she wasted her money :/

      Best of luck to you in your health journey, and thank you so much for reaching out! ❤

  2. I recently bought her MINDBODYGREEN class for 90 dollars and while I got a lot of information it seems as though you just have to keep buying things to learn more. It is frustrating because I thought I found a way to balance my hormones. I guess things can be too good to be true.

    1. I noticed she started appearing on MBG a lot recently and wondered how the class she was offering would play out. It’s sad to know it wasn’t as helpful as it could have been, I’m sorry :/

      1. I downloaded her app too and I have to say I have been getting pretty cool emails to support the information I learned. You really have to put it all together yourself however I don’t regret the information gained. 😁

      2. Oh well good! I’m glad you are getting some value out of it! Like I said before, I do believe in what she’s preaching. Thanks Melissa! 🙂

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